Aron Bulgaria EAD is a manufacturer of Aluminium

Begins distribution business in 2007 and importing goods from Japan, Thailand and China. During the years the company grows and keeps increasing the range of products offered on the Bulgarian market,
  • Main focus of the company is producing Aluminium ladders and scaffolds

    • In 2015 the company started producing the first models household aluminium ladders
    • In 2016 we began manufacturing of professional three-part combination and multifunctional aluminium ladders.
    • In 2017 the company released on the market small models aluminium ladders with working height up to 4.5m.
    • First quarter of 2018 the company started production of modular aluminium scaffolds with working height up to 14m.
  • You can purchase our products at reasonable prices from our online-store and major stores: : Практикер, ТМТ-ЕЛКОМ, ФТБ ЕООД, Багира, Валерий СиМ Груп, Стад-Близнаков, Равин ЕООД, Васмар ООД, Топливо АД, АВС-Инжинеринг, GS-Строймаркет, Рила и много други


  • Non-standart ladders, scaffolds or platforms from aluminium with custom sizes
  • Repair and spare parts for ladders and scaffolds
  • Other services