Aluminium Module Scaffolds AS5000

алуминиево скеле AS1000

Сгъваемо Модулно Алуминиево скеле - AS 5000

Aluminium folding scaffold for fast installation
Needs only 1 worker for installation - Монтира се за по-малко от 5минути
Fast and easy installation of the base frame
Platform size: 65х140см;
Working height upto 4.30м
Тегло: 55kg.

Fast and automatic locking mechanisms
  • Fast installation without tools
  • Anti-slip steps
  • Platform can be positioned every 25см
  • Conforms to EN1004 standard with max. load 200kg/sq.m
  • Made in Bulgaria by Aron Bulgaria EAD
working height 4.3м - 1454.00 лв
Order now 0700 15507
Outriggers - 194 лв/бр
Balast/counterweight 10kg - 65 лв/бр
Price inc. VAT
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Table of contents
Базов модул 2m - 1 бр
Platform with hatch 2m - 1 бр
Рамка 1m - 2 бр
Базов модул 2m - 1 бр
Diagonal rail brace - 1 бр
Horizontal rail brace - 3 бр
Castor wheels (4бр) ф100 - 3 бр
Price inc. VAT